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Cartier Santos Silver Opaline Dial 18kt Yellow Gold And Stainless Steel Men’s watches W20099C4

In 2018 Cartier released a totally refreshed version of the Santos which I (correctly) predicted would be a hit with consumers. According to Cartier, the new Santos was the top-selling men’s watch for the brand last year, and now the “new” Santos family has been given a new model for 2019 known as the Cartier Santos Chronograph. So far this is my favorite “affordable” new watch that debuted at SIHH 2019. Coming in three versions (references WGSA0017 in pink gold, Cartier Santos Silver Opaline Dial 18kt Yellow Gold And Stainless Steel Men’s watches W20099C4 in two-tone, and WSSA0017 in steel) to start, the Cartier Santos Chronograph builds on the successful new Santos case design and platform and includes an in-house made chronograph movement… along with a fun mechanical twist that watch lovers will really enjoy.

Each of the new Santos Chronograph watches will come with two strap/bracelet options. One of the strap options for each of the watches will be a new black-colored rubber strap that has some metal screws inserted in it for style. What is really important for me to share about the new straps isn’t just that they are comfortable to wear on the wrist, but that Cartier has finally engineered a push-button deployant! Yes, it has been a long time coming and the new “C-style” (for Cartier) deployant no longer closes merely with tension—now having two comfortable pushers on the side used to release it.
The all pink gold and steel (with black aDLC-coated elements such as the bezel) models also come with a gray or black-colored alligator strap in addition to the rubber strap. Don’t forget the innovative QuickSwitch strap release system as well as the SmartLink tool-less system to adjust the bracelet size. The former QuickSwitch system allows you to easily remove the strap or bracelet and replace it with another (assuming it has the right attachment system). Which means you’ll most likely need to buy it from Cartier. For more on the Santos bracelet system, see our previous coverage of the new Cartier Santos, as well as my full aBlogtoWatch review of the new for 2018 Cartier Santos watch here.From a case size perspective, the Santos Chronograph is larger than the three-hand Santos models (of which there are two sizes). We see a return to the Santos XL style size, but a bit smaller than the former Santos XL, which was pretty big. The 2019 Cartier Santos Chronograph case is 43.3mm wide, 51.3mm long, and 12.5mm thick with 100m of water resistance. I really like this thicker and wider case size for a sportier look for the replica Cartier watches uk online shop that hearkens back to the previous generation Santos 100 case, which I still really like. The non-square (given the flanks on the top and bottom) bezel is growing on me a bit and happens to look really good in black with the matching black rubber strap.
Cartier uses a real synthetic sapphire crystal as the cabochon in the all 18k pink gold model and the other two pieces have blue spinel cabochons in the crowns. The cases are attractive and continue to be both well-made and well-finished. The most interesting technical element of the case is the chronograph pusher system. Rather than having the standard pusher above and below the crown, the Cartier Santos has just one visible pusher placed on the opposite side of the case as the crown. Some people have been calling the Santos Chronograph a monopusher but that would be incorrect. The watch actually has two pushers and the reset pusher is actually integrated into the crown.
The two-tone steel and 18k yellow gold Santos Chronograph comes with a steel bracelet (with gold screws) as well as the rubber strap. Thus, Cartier removed clutter on the case by having a single pusher on the right side of the case for the chronograph start/stop functionality, and the reset pusher is actually built into the crown itself. Operating it is rather cool and this is one of the most technically innovative parts of the new Santos overall.Inside the watch is a Cartier-produced (they claim “100% produced in-house by Cartier”) caliber 1904-CH MC automatic. This is the same movement you may have seen on recent Cartier watches such as the Cartier Calibre Chronograph. The chronograph has a slightly smaller sub-dial for the subsidiary seconds and all the sub-dials are nicely recessed into the dial. The 1904-CH MC movement has a chronograph module over a base automatic and operates at 4Hz with 48 hours of power reserve.

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best replica Cartier Tank MC Silver Dial 18Kt Rose Gold Men’s watches W5330005

The Tank MC isn’t a re-make, or a tribute to an earlier model – this is a modern tank in a modern size, and a modern movement inside. Inside the 44 x 34mm case (sounds larger than it is) is Cartier’s excellent caliber 1904. You see a cut seconds sub-dial at six and a date window at 3, just like you’ll find on the round best replica Cartier Tank MC Silver Dial 18Kt Rose Gold Men’s watches W5330005.

The perfect cartier Tank MC dial work is excellent is excellent   and the watch has a great heft on the wrist. As I mentioned earlier, this is a new model for a new type of Tank buyer. It isn’t super thin and it isn’t manually wound like some of us purists like our Tanks, but it is undeniably Cartier, identifiable from across the room The new Cartier Tank MC with in-house movement will be available only in replica Cartier Tank MC  stainless steel and rose gold. (though, if you like the sounds of that, check out the XL Slimline).

The watch is slightly curved to fit the wrist, so the larger case size is not an issue at all. You can see it above on my wrist last night. Cartier is also having some fun and offering the Tank MC on a host of different colored straps. This is a small detail, but I love it. You know how much I believe in the ability to change replica Cartier watches uk online shop straps, and it’s cool to see Cartier adopt the same attitude.
You can see the finished self-winding movement here, and I like how they’ve gone ahead and put Geneva strips on the plate surrounding the round movement.


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best replica Cartier Cle Silver Dial Stainless Steel Men’s watches W2CL0002

For 2015, fake cartier watches has released the brand new Clé de Cartier collection of watches for both men and women. We included the Clé de Cartier as one of our top 10 new watches for SIHH 2015, and for good reason – it sports not only a completely new case design, but also a new movement. While the 2015 Clé watches are exclusively going to be offered in 18k gold (various colors), we anticipate that Cartier will flesh out the replica cartier watches collection more over the next few years and likely offer steel models as well. So let’s go over the Cartier Clé de Cartier timepieces for 2015, and see what makes Cartier’s new dress watch collection interesting.

“Clé” stands for “key” and refers to the crown of the new watch which isn’t your typical round crown. Instead, the Cartier Clé de Cartier watches have long crowns that offer an interesting tactile experience. The crowns lock into place and, when turned, feel like you are literally winding the key of an old clock or pocket watch. Set into the “key style” crowns are blue sapphire cabochons – a hallmark of most sale cartier watches timepieces.
While Cartier has designed the Clé de Cartier collection for both men and women, the larger model is 40mm wide and what guys will gravitate to. The case is more or less tonneau-shaped with a round dial. The case is also curved and sits on the wrist with incredible comfort. Cartier shows their unique ability to offer a refined, unique, yet familiar look right off the bat. There is nothing I find more exciting than a brand new family of best replica Cartier Cle Silver Dial Stainless Steel Men’s watches W2CL0002  that will be built out to include a range of models over the years. Cartier was last able to accomplish this with new model families such as the Ballon Bleu and the Calibre.
Looking at the buy cartier watches  case carefully, you can admire the elegance and sophistication Cartier wanted to make sure it evoked. Cartier was certainly successful in producing a design that incorporates a series of very interesting lines when looked at closely, as well as a shape that is attractive replica Cartier watches uk online shop when viewed from afar.

There is a certain “retro-ness” to the  cheap cartier watches that comes from the tonneau-style case that has thick sides which slope down and become the lugs. This creates the sense that the watch is just a little bit larger than it is, and at 40mm wide (in its largest form), I think it makes for a handsome men’s model. I can’t overstate how comfortable the Clé is on the wrist. This is due to the curvature of the case which allows the watch to sit low and snug on the wrist.